@ Raiders Broadcast

Dr. Ropkind Scharf presents Sharfs Bar, where the drinks are free, everybody gets off with everybody else, and the floor show is like nowhere else!!
Little is Known of Ropkind Sharf,and most of what is known is wrong. Here are the most important theories about him:
1. He is a real Doctor. He bought his degree certificate from Oregano State College, but lost the covering letter, so he can’t remember what he is a doctor of.
2. In reality, he is called Doc because he is good at poker.
3.He only wants you to think he is a good poker player.
4.He is a mega-villain out of a James Bond story. He lives in a castle called the Krak des Sharfs on the Isle des Phantasmes off Haiti. His castle is enormous, and built from black interlocking polished granite blocks that weigh fifty tonnes each, with titanium rods holding them together. The walls are twenty metres thick, and five hundred metres high. The castle is impregnable and overlooks the Sargasso Sea. Visitors get fed to the sea monsters.
5. Ropkind Scharf is just an ordinary international man of mystery. All that stuff about Scharf Castle came out of a novel someone once wrote about him, but which was never published.
6.Dr Sharf is a digital construct and has a virtual existence only. He is the property of Raiders Corp, and is Copyright-Protected. His catchphrase is “Keep on taking the Blues”, but he seldom remembers to use it.